Thursday, July 04, 2013

Keira and Brock birthday party 2013

Even though Keira's birthday isn't until the end of July, we celebrated both kids birthdays on June 29 at the pool.  We had a great turnout of family and friends and missed the ones who were on vacation. This year, instead of gifts we asked the kids to choose a charity to help out. They chose the Dream Connection, which helps terminally or chronically ill children right here in East TN. Organization helps fund their wishes. We are so pleased with how the kids willing said it was fine not to give gifts and just let folks donate money to this cause. We are hoping to attend the board of directors meeting in July and present a check. 
I hope this becomes a yearly birthday event for our family! 

June 2013

Keira attended basketball camp at the high school. She had a great week and loves it! She and a friend tied in the shooting competition and neither one wanted to have a shoot-off, so they both got the award.

Keira went to another basketball camp at the school her cousin plays at. She had 2 friends at this camp and she had another great week.

Travel softball party to wrap up season. We decided to take June/July months off and pick back up in fall. Keira really liked playing travel ball and we have a great group of girls and parents. We really enjoyed getting to know some new folks who quickly became friends.

                                              This is how Kylie likes to enjoy the pool time.

We traveled to Memphis for a weekend to attend Matt, my cousin, wedding.  A beautiful wedding and a weekend full of fun. Sunday morning, the hubby and I got a chance to see Graceland with my aunt and uncle. My dad and stepmom offered to keep the kids while we did this. We enjoyed our time together.

Keira went to the Lady Vols softball camp, which was 2 days.  She got to go with 2 friends and they had a ball.  Wow! I would have loved to went to a camp like this at her age........blessed!!
Kylie was all over the field. Plenty of wide open spaces to roam. Brock and Kylie were very good for having to endure a few hours of camp.


Brock turns "6"

How can it be?  My baby boy is now 6 years old. This boy melts my heart. He is a sweetheart and tells me he loves me several times a day. He has a heart for others and cares about helping others.  I pray he always wants to serve others and let Jesus shine through him one day when he gets saved.  I pray all 3 of my babies will accept Jesus as their Savior!!

We had a birthday dinner at Mamaw's house with the grandparents and Uncle Jared, Aunt Laura, and Abby.  Something I have always like to do with each child is to have this precious time on their big day.
 Birthday boy requested shrimp! He loves it

 Keira is the typical big sister, meaning she wants to be in charge. She read his cards to him and was right beside him as he opened gifts. Thankfully, no fighting broke out, they were actually sweet with each other. Love those moments!!


Cape San Blas - June 2013

We spent the first week of June in Cape San Blas, FL.  Our first visit to this beach. This place is isolated and absolutely nothing to do as far as shopping, entertainment, etc.  We loved it!  We saw no more than 20 people as far as our eyes could see. We could drive the truck on the beach and put it in front of the house, which made it so easy to load/unload beach items.  Mamaw cooked great dinners for us most evenings, getting fresh seafood from a local market. Not really many places to eat either :)
The kids love the beach and riding the waves. Kylie hit the sand and never looked back. She loved playing in it and also getting in ocean.


May 2013

May was a busy, busy month!
Kylie and I went with Keira on her 2nd grade field trip to the aquarium. It was a great day!! Cannot believe school is almost over.

 Awanas at church is ending. So proud of Brock as he finished his first year in Sparks and completed his book!
Keira has finished her spark years and will move up next year. She did amazing! Finished every book they had.
Kylie is a handful and always doing something. Usually something she shouldn't. Here she is pictured with one of my aunts dogs. My aunt and uncle have 2 golden retrievers, the best dogs ever, and my kids love them.  They are so gentle with her.
 Mother's Day 2013
Celebrated after church at our house. So very thankful for my mom and mother-in-love. We are so very blessed!!
I miss my grandmothers so much and hope people who still have grandparents cherish the moments with them.

My boy!
Brock is loving baseball!  He could play every night and be happy. He got to play at first base, which thrills him, and also other positions.

Brock finished pre-K and this is bittersweet for me. We love the "school" he has gone to since he was 3 and especially the teachers, who love them and teach them so well.  He has come along way in a year, learning all  he needs to be successful in kindergarten. I am going to miss this boy. It will be so strange not having him with me at home. Kylie and I will be lost without him at first!!


Friday, April 26, 2013

Easter 2013

Easter pictures by Tyson

Egg hunt at a local college

 Always fun time coloring their eggs

Kylie turns 1

Our biggest event in March was Kylie turned ONE!!!  What???  Where did the past year go??? I can hardly wrap my mind around this fact. We decided to have a simple, family party. We had a great time of food, fellowship, and celebrating our 3rd blessing. We are just so complete now and so thankful for our little family.